How The Strength of Friends Website Works

A coordinator (family member or close friend) completes a brief registration process, and a "Team website" is created. In just a few minutes, The Strength of Friends webtool will help you customize a Team website that can be used to:

Coordinate Schedules

Coordinate schedules for meals, childcare, errands and other needs.

Create a Guestbook

Provide a guestbook for messages to your friend.

Blog Updates

Provide information updates via your own Team blog.

Post Photos

Post photos to keep your Team inspired.

The Strength of Friends webtool then guides the coordinator through potential activities the Team may use to help their friend. From the Team's home page, your friend's support network can access an activities calendar, sign up to help, read updates on the situation, write their own messages of support on the guestbook, and much, much more. Strength of Friends team pages have privacy protection allowing for the option of controlling who may visit the team site.

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